We're so glad you stopped by to get a glimpse of the culture we have in the body at New Hope Church. A hearty welcome from us to you as you find out more about us!


We are just a bunch of sinners saved by grace. We certainly aren't perfect and never claim to be. But we will claim to be trying each and every day to be more like Jesus; to think more like Him, to act more like Him, and to love more like Him. We know we will fail often, but we will get up, dust ourselves off, and try even harder. And we would love to have you come and walk beside us down this road we call life.


When you visit New Hope you can expect smiles and friendly people. You can expect a casual atmosphere that welcomes you just as you are. We don't worry so much about what is on the outside, we worry more about what's going on inside. You can expect relevant teaching that will help you in your everyday life to be more like Jesus. You can expect to find a place filled with people finding hope...one life at a time!


We meet every Sunday morning on Henshaw Road at the Inwood Performing Arts Center at 10:00 a.m. Check out our Contact/Find Us page for maps and directions. When you come, come comfortable and open to a whole new way of "doing" church.