Friendly Reminder

I apologize for missing a few days of posts. If the online posts get a day or two behind please just keep reading and praying. 
Start with Prayer.
Praise God for a new day and the new life he has given you in Jesus name. Praise him for the privilege of reading his word and for the privilege of coming into his presence.
Ask God to help you focus as you read and pray this morning.
Read John 7:1-13
Where was Jesus? What else happened in this town?
Why were the Jews seeking to kill Jesus?
The Feast Booths dates back to the wilderness journey from Egypt to the promised land. The Lord told them to build these tiny structures and live in them for a week. The purpose was to remind them of God’s provision and God’s grace to deliver them out of slavery and into the promised land. The concern was that they would forget about God once they began to prosper over the years.
Has your prosperity led you closer to God or further from God? 
Does your heart line up with God’s agenda and priorities or the priorities of your stuff and your career?
What can you do to make sure you don’t forget about God’s grace in your life?
End with prayer.
Confess your sins to God and seek forgiveness.
Ask God to help you never to forget his grace and your salvation.
Pray for the person you know that has not experienced God’s saving grace.
Pray for the next person or family in the church directory.