Faith In King Jesus

Start with prayer.
Praise God for friends and family.
Confess your sins to God and ask him to help you fight against sin.
Ask him to help you focus during this time.
Read John 12:12-19
What did the crowd cry out when Jesus arrived?
Read Psalm 118:25-26. The word “Hosanna” is the hebrew word translated “Save us” in that passage.
If they cried out to Jesus “save us” who did they think he was? What prophecy was being fulfilled?
When did the disciples finally understand what was happening here? v.16
What did the crowd continue to do? v.17
Why did the crowd meet him there? v.18
The jews were looking for a political revolution. Many who cried out here were the same who cried out “crucify him” later.
Jesus could care less about politics. He came to save souls from an eternity in Hell.
Do you believe that Jesus is King? Not just King of your heart but ruler over all things?
Do you trust in a sovereign King Jesus or just a political figure or nice teacher? 
When someone trusts in Jesus as the sovereign king over all things that is very empowering.
Be empowered by knowing that Jesus is sovereign and you are his bride the church.
End with prayer.
Praise Jesus for being the one true King over all the earth.
Tell your King that you trust in him and that you will do anything for him.
Pray for the person you know that does not have faith in King Jesus.
Pray for the next person or family in the church directory.