Jesus Wept And So Should We

Start with prayer.
Praise God for your physical health and well being. Pray for those infected with the Coronavirus and pray that God would find a cure and that it would stop spreading.
Confess your sins to God and ask him to help you change.
Ask him to help you focus during this time.
Read John 11:28-37
Why was Jesus deeply moved and troubled in his spirit?
Why did Jesus weep?
Could it be that he was weeping for his friend Lazarus?
Could it be that he was angry at the reality of death in the world and the affects it has on the living?
Could it be that he was filled with compassion for everyone else weeping?
No one really knows so this is a matter of opinion but I think it was a mix of all of it combined with the knowledge of his own death and suffering that was to come. We should be deeply moved by Jesus compassion here. This should lead us to sympathize and have compassion on others suffering. We are often separated and cold hearted when we hear of the suffering of others. What troubles have you become numb to in the world? Homelessness? Orphans? Addicts? Lost souls?
If we claim to be Christ followers, we should weep over these things. When was the last time you thought about someone you know weeping in Hell for eternity? Does that not stir your soul at all? If not, perhaps you are not as in tune to Jesus as you thought.
End with prayer.
Pray for God to move in your spirit and break your numbness to the suffering of others.
Pray for the person you know that does not know God and is spiritually suffering because of it.
Pray for the next person or family in the church directory.