New Hope church has recently transitioned to an elder led form of leadership structure. This model is displayed in the New Testament as well as by several strong and healthy churches today and throughout the history of the church. We believe this will strengthen our church and enable us to fulfill the great commission more effectively.

The Elders are the spiritual shepherds for the congregation. Their primary responsibilities are oversight of all ministries of the church, teaching and prayer. Our elders can be lay elders or vocational elders. Lay elders and vocational elders have the same responsibilities and roles but the vocational elders are paid to take on a larger load of the work. The vocational elders are usually referred to as pastors. We currently have two vocational pastors.

The Deacons are the servant leaders of the church. Deacons will not meet together, will not oversee ministries and will not make leadership decisions for the church. A deacon will be appointed to a certain task as needs arrive in the life of the church.

We also have Ministry Leaders which enable specific ministry teams to perform their task at a high level. They keep their teams organized, help train new team members and work under the oversight of the elders to see that their teams are doing everything they can to strengthen the church.

The members of the church make most of the “big” decisions for the church. A few examples are voting on the budget, appointment of church officers and accepting and removing members. These decisions are led by the elders but the final say belongs to the members. We see this as an
important discipleship tool for our members.

Leadership is important and we hope this gives you an idea of how New Hope Church leadership functions.