Raining Bread

Start with prayer.
Praise God for his provisions; for meeting your daily needs.
Confess your sins to God and ask him to help you change and delight in obeying his law.
Ask him to help you focus during this time. 
Read Exodus 16:1-9.
How long had they been in the wilderness?
What were they lacking?
How did they ask for food?
Where did they wish they were?
What did God do?
What does v.4 tell us God’s plan is?
What was the purpose of the bread according to v.7?
These people just witnessed God make water come from rock. Should their faith be strong?
You will see that no matter what God provides their faith was still weak and short lived.
What does this tell us about God’s faithfulness?
End with prayer.
Thank God for his faithfulness; for always being there for you, always listening even to your complaining.
Thank God for being perfectly patient with you and for answering your prayers.
Pray for the person you know that does not believe in Jesus.
Pray for the next person or family in the church directory.