Raising Believers on The Last Day

Start with Prayer.
Praise God for your weekend the good and the bad. 
Ask God to bless you and to use you to do his work this week.
Ask Him to help you focus as you read and pray.
Read John 6:35-40.
Remember that Jesus is talking to the crowd that he fed with fish and bread.
What does Jesus tell this crowd in v. 36?
What is Jesus talking about in v.37
Who is Jesus going to raise up on the last day?
What is the last day?
Belief is so important but it needs to be belief in the right Jesus. Why do you think the crowd did not believe in Jesus? What was their hang up?
Do you believe in the biblical Jesus or do you just want to get something out of him like the crowd?
End with prayer.
Confess your sins and surrender your life to Jesus. 
Confess to God that you will submit to him 100% and you will do whatever he asks.
Pray for the person that you know that does not know Jesus. 
Pray for the next person or family in the church directory.