Soul Food

Start with prayer.
Praise God for the privilege of knowing him and the gift of prayer.
Confess your sins and admit to God that you are not worthy to be in his presence and praise him for his grace and love and mercy.
Ask to bless your time together and ask him to help you focus.
Read John 4:27-38
What were the disciples concerned about?
What was Jesus concerned about?
What does Jesus mean by harvest?
The sower is John the Baptist as he planted seeds of the truth of who Jesus was.
The reaper is Jesus as he gathers the souls of those who trust in him.
In the previous passage the woman at the well was focused on physical water but Jesus pointed her to spiritual water. In this passage the disciples are focused on physical food but Jesus points them to spiritual food. 
Generally speaking humans are focused way to much on physical things and miss the spiritual.
What is Jesus feeding his soul with?
What will happen if you don’t feed your soul the very same thing?
Are you hungry for this spiritual food or more concerned about where you will eat next?
End with prayer.
Ask God to give you a heart for spiritual matters more than physical. 
Ask him to help you focus on doing his work.
Pray for the person that is spiritually starving.
Pray for the next family or person in the church directory.