The Lord Is My Banner

Start with prayer.
Praise God for adopting you into his royal family and saving you from an eternity of torture.
Confess your sins to God and ask him to help you change and rest in his amazing grace.
Ask him to help you focus during this time.
Read Exodus 17:8-16.
A group of people in the Old Testament known as the Amalekites came from Amalek. See Gen.14:7, Numbers 13:29.
Who leads the army here? This person has not been mentioned up to this point.
After reading about the back and forth of the battle based on Moses hand being raised, who really won the battle?
What was the purpose of the memorial?
The Bible is filled with memorials that remind us that we need to keep God as our banner so that we can enjoy God’s victories in life.
The Lord’s Supper/Communion and Baptism are our ultimate memorials as they remind us of God’s victory over sin and death and the evil one. It is so crucial that we continue to practice these church ordinances so that we never forget.
End with prayer.
Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for his victory for your life and for all the saints.
Pray for the person you know that does not believe in Jesus victory.
Pray for the next person or family in the church directory.
Pray that the Coronavirus would end, pray for a cure and pray that we can gather again for worship soon.