Thirsty Souls Cafe

Start with prayer.
Spend time praising God.
Confess your sins to God.
Ask God to help you focus.
Read John 4:1-26
Where did Jesus stop on the way to Galilee?
Why did Jesus stop?
Samaritans were considered unclean to the Jews. The Jews and Samaritans did not mingle. This is why the Samaritan woman was shocked that Jesus even spoke to her. Jesus broke down many of these judgmental barriers. He saw people with souls not labels and limitations.
What kind of water did Jesus offer?
What is the benefit of this kind of water? v.13-14
The water was an object lesson for a change in worship venues. 
How was worship about to change?
What claim does Jesus make in v.26?
Have you ever drank something and it just made you more thirsty? Sodas? Punch? Alcohol?
The Samaritan woman could drink from the well but she would be thirsty again at some point and would have to go back to fill up. This is the kind of thing we do when our souls are thirsty and hungry. We go to things that never satisfy. We worship stuff that leaves us more thirsty, more hungry. In the Old Testament they were told to sacrifice animals to atone for sins. But they always had to continue in this practice. Just like returning to a well to get refills.
Now through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, our sins have been atoned for. We no longer need to return to wells that don’t satisfy. We have Jesus! We no longer need to return to a certain geographical location or a certain building to connect with God. Jesus has connected us to God. We can worship and connect with Him anytime we want. Our souls do not need to thirst anymore. 
Is your soul thirsty? Perhaps you are drinking from the wrong well.
End with prayer.
Thank God for this passage and ask him to help you understand it and apply it.
Ask God to help you turn from your sin and turn to Jesus to satisfy your soul.
Pray for the person you know that still has a thirsty soul. Pray that they would find living water.
Pray for the next person or family in the church directory.