We know it may not be possible to agree on everything found in Scripture, and we’re okay with that. Below you will find the doctrinal statements that we hold as convictions here at New Hope Church, the things we are not willing to compromise on. 


We believe in the inerrant, verbal plenary inspiration of the Word of God. Inspired by God and given to man through the Holy Spirit, so that man was inspired not by his own imagination but by the power of the Holy Spirit to write the Scriptures. And because its teachings and principles and truths are inerrant and perfect, without mistake or contradiction, it is the final authority on all matters of doctrine, faith, and life (Luke 24:27, Rom. 15:4, I Thess. 2:12, II Tim. 3:16-17, II Pet. 1:20-21).


We believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Spirit. These three separate, distinct persons are one in nature, and equal in substance, subsistence, deity, and attributes of personality. The Son is eternally generated by the Father, and, from them is the eternal procession of the Spirit. Though separate, distinct personalities with specific roles, they are neither subordinate to one another, nor can they be divided (Gen. 1:1, Matt. 28:19, Mark 12:29, John 1:1, 3; 4:24, Rom. 1:20, II Cor. 13:14, Eph. 4:5, 6).


We believe that Jesus Christ is the eternally pre-existent Son of God. So as not to inherit the sin nature passed from father to child, He was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary; thus possessing two complete and separate natures, that of God and of man. Jesus is therefore fully God and fully man (Matt. 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-38, John 1:1, Rom. 9:5, Phil. 2:5-8, I Tim. 3:16, Titus 2:13).


We believe that man was created perfect in the image of God, and by a conscious choice to sin incurred both physical death, and spiritual death, which is eternal separation from God in the lake of fire. Consequently, all humans are born with a sin nature, passed from father to child, and become guilty of transgressing God’s law in thought, word, and deed (Gen. 1:26, 27; 2:17; 3:1-24, Jer. 17:9, Rom. 3:23-25; 5:12-18, Eph. 2:8-9, Titus 3:5, I John 1:8).


We believe that Jesus died once and for all for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that His death was a complete, vicarious, and substitutionary sacrifice sufficient for the sins of every person from eternity past to eternity future. Then, Christ rose from the dead after three days in the tomb, forever defeating death and hell, so that all who come to Christ seeking forgiveness by grace through faith will be freely justified and born-again of the Holy Spirit, on the grounds of His shed blood, into the family of God. Christ, having died and rose again, ascended in His physical body into heaven where He sits on the right hand of God as our High-Priest and Divine Advocate (Isa. 53, Matt. 20:28; 28:6, John 1:12-13; 3:3-5; 3:16; 20:20, 27, Rom. 3:22-26; 5:1; 10:9, I Cor. 15:3-4, 14, II Cor. 5:21, Eph. 1:7; 2:8-9, Heb. 7:25, I John 2:1-2).


We believe that the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, is equal with the Father and Son in all aspects of substance and attributes. He was an active part of the creation process. Presently He restrains the evil one until the appointed time, bears witness to the truth of the Gospel to convict men of their sin and need of repentance, and that He is the principle agent in regeneration. At the point of salvation He permanently indwells the believer and becomes the sources of assurance, as well as guidance, wisdom, teaching, and sanctifying each believer. It is through this work that each believer, through understanding and applying Scripture, is able to live a separated, victorious Christian life (Gen 1:1-3, Matt. 28:19, Mark 1:8, Luke 24:49, John 16:13, Acts 5:30-32, Rom. 8:14-16, Eph. 1:13-14, Heb. 9:14).


We believe that the true Church is a universal body composed of all saints who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and accept Him as their personal Savior, thus being baptized into the body by the Holy Spirit. Christ is the divine Head and supreme authority of the Church. Scripture dictates that the church is to be faithful in gathering themselves together in order to worship, pray, teach the Word, partake in believers baptism and Communion; the two ordinances established by Jesus, fellowship, and to minister to and serve the body through the discovery, development, and use of talents and gifts. All this will help to facilitate in the fulfillment of the church’s purpose: to reach out to the culture and community by showing God’s love in practical ways, ministering to people’s needs, and proclaiming the message of Christ and the cross to the lost so that we may by any means reach people with the gospel. By submitting to the authority of Christ as the Head, pastors as shepherds, and leadership, we will work together in love and unity to fulfill this mission (Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8; 2:42-47, I Cor. 12:12-27, Col. 1:24, Heb. 10:24-25).


We believe that all believers are spiritually baptized by the Holy Spirit into the family of God at the time of salvation. We believe that physical baptism by immersion in water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit has absolutely no saving merit of its own, but is the first step of obedience for the believer in identifying with the Savior’s death, burial, and resurrection (Matt. 3:13-17; 28:18-20, Acts 2:28-41, 47; 8:36-39; 10:47; 18:8, Rom. 6:3-4, I Cor. 12:13).


We believe that the Lord’s Supper was instituted by Jesus as an act for believers to commemorate His death until he returns. The Lord’s Supper is only to be observed by born-again believers who are walking in fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is to be preceded by a time of reflection and confession so that the believer is not found to be partaking unworthily. It should be observed often (Luke 22:19, Acts 2:42-46, I Cor. 11:23-29).


We believe in the personal, imminent, pre-tribulational, and premillennial return of Jesus Christ. At the pre-tribulational return, an event known as the Rapture of the Church, all believers from the day of Pentecost to that time will meet Christ in the air; this will start the sequence of events which will lead to the literal seven year Tribulation period. At the close of the seven year Tribulation upon the earth Jesus Christ will personally, physically, visibly, and gloriously return to the earth with His saints to establish His millennial kingdom where He shall rule and reign for a literal one-thousand years (John 14:3, Acts 1:11, I Thess. 4:13-18, Titus 2:13, Rev. 19:11-21; 20:1-6).


We believe every born-again believer possesses two natures: the sin nature, which is forever present upon this earth, and the new spirit nature, which is acquired at the time of salvation. The positional sanctification of each believer takes place at the moment of regeneration, and is forever, but the practical sanctification of the believer is the responsibility of the believer. We are to be set apart, transformed by the renewing of our minds, and Spirit filled, controlled, and led. God has provided the means by which we can live lives set apart to His service and sanctified to every good work through identifying with Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension, yielding ourselves to Him, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the memorization and application of the Scriptures (John 17:15-17, Rom. 6:11-13; 8:2-4, 12-13; 12:1-2, Eph. 4:22-24; 5:25-27, I Pet. 1:14-16; 2:9, II Pet. 3:18).


We believe in a literal, eternal place of joy and peace for the children of God upon death from this physical life. Scripture states that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” II Cor. 5:6-8 . This place is one of pure perfection where according to Rev. 21:4 no “death, sorrow, crying, or pain” is present there. It is a place where all will know and be known an eternally reside in the presence of the eternal God. Conversely, we believe scripture teaches of a place of eternal torment for those who die outside of the saving faith in Christ. At the final judgment of the Great White Throne, death and hell will be cast into the Lake of Fire where suffering, pain, loss, and separation will never end. (John 5:28-29; 14:1-3; Phil. 1:21; 23-24; I Thess. 4:16; II Thess. 1:7-9; Rev. 20:11-15)


We believe that Satan at one time was a holy angel with heavenly honors. But, because of pride and selfish ambition to be as God he fell from his position and was cast out of heaven forever, taking with him one-third of the angels. Now Satan is the prince of the power of the air, the unholy god of this world, and an angel of light who seeks to deceive and devour. He is the tempter of man, the enemy of God and His Christ, the accuser of the saints, and the author of all false religions. He will be the lord and power of the Antichrist, who, together with his angels, are destined for ultimate defeat and punishment in the Lake of Fire for all eternity (Isa. 14:12-15, Ezek. 28:14-17, Matt. 13:25, I Pet. 5:8, Rev. 12:9-10; 20:10).


We believe that the Jews, the covenant people of God, is a people scattered throughout the world and nations. But, during the Millennium, they will be gathered together again under the personal reign of Jesus Christ in the land of Israel. Together with Christ they will rule and reign over the nations from their father David’s throne in Jerusalem. Until that time we believe that it is the responsibility of every believer to support the nation of Israel. We believe that God’s hand rests upon Israel and that He will “bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curses thee.” For this reason, until Christ comes, it is the job of believers everywhere to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” and to be supportive of Israel in any way, as much as is possible (Gen. 12:2-3, Psa. 122:6, Isa. 14:1; 60:3, Ezek. 40 – 48, Zech. 8:20-23, Rom. 11:1, 25-27).


We believe that God has ordained the family as the foundational institution of human society. It is composed of persons related to one another by marriage, blood, or adoption. Marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime. It is God’s unique gift to reveal the union between Christ and His church and to provide for the man and the woman in marriage the framework for intimate companionship, the channel of sexual expression according to biblical standards, and the means for procreation of the human race. The husband and wife are of equal worth before God, since both are created in God’s image. The marriage relationship models the way God relates to His people. A husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the church. He has the God-given responsibility to provide for, to protect, and to lead his family. A wife is to submit herself graciously to the servant leadership of her husband even as the church willingly submits to the headship of Christ. She, being in the image of God as is her husband and this equal to him, has the God-given responsibility to respect her husband and to serve as his helper in managing the household and nurturing the next generation. Parents are to demonstrate to their children Gods pattern for marriage. Parents are to teach their children spiritual and moral values and to lead them, through consistent lifestyle example and loving discipline, to make choices based on biblical truth (Gen. 1:26-28; 2:15-25; 3:1-20, Ex. 20:12, Deut. 6:4-9, Josh. 24:15, I Sam. 1:26-28, Prov. 13:24; 14:1; 22:6; 23:13-14; 31:10-31, Matt. 5:31-32, Mark 10:6-12, Rom. 1:18-32, I Cor. 7:1-16, Eph. 5:21-33).